occupy karaoke

well, matt taibbi is late to the party on this one. i have blown the lid off the latest front. the one percent. not the bankers. i speak of course about the djs. this power-grabbing minority.
think about it. if you go out to a club and a dj is playing, then you could describe the ratio of entertainers to entertainees. one person performing and everyone else passively listening and taking it in like some prescription syrup or something. let’s illustrate it:

now consider the case of karaoke night at the same club. this club is in no way to be construed as an allegory for the planet earth or even the united states, but that’s another matter. if there is karaoke, then, at least theoretically, the place could reach one hundred percent participation. everyone is putting in their contribution to society, ahem, i mean the music at the club. you find many ordinary citizens can surprise you with their talents and brighten the lives of others, i mean give more of a holistic rundown of obscure and arcane pop songs. here is what that looks like:

anyway. the fact that it is gray in no way implies anything about the character of such a karaoke night. these disclaimers may or may not be used.


3 thoughts on “occupy karaoke

  1. berkeley22

    often when pete seeger used to perform, he would comment on his early memories of his own learning by being in a room full of people singing together. over his professional lifetime, this shifted to one person singing and everyone else listening.

    he, and a few others, always included several audience sing-alongs in their shows. only a few of these were recorded, but each one i’ve heard sounds wonderful.

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