electric cafe

National Tsing Hua University Institute of Sociology professor Wang Chin-shou (王俊秀) yesterday said that once people (are) addicted to games and the Internet, it is easy for them to over-indulge and blur the lines between the virtual and the real world.


having spent time in taiwanese internet cafes, i can confirm that the dudes in there are in another world. it is like an opium den for the 21st century. there were times when i needed to log on to my email while on the road, and i would ask the locals where was the nearest cafe. but there is such a stigma and taboo hanging on these places that many people wouldn’t tell me how to find one, or they would give me harsh dirty looks. even my students would giggle uncomfortably if i mentioned internet cafes. their parents prohibit them from visiting these temples to the pixel gods.  modern trench warfare in a way.


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