slippery slope

don’t know if link is available,
this is from the dead-tree edition:

jan/feb 2012

playboy: “So you’re saying Rachel Maddow isn’t watchable?”

chris wallace: “I find her smart-alecky.”

playboy: “CNN is certainly making a big fuss over Anderson Cooper lately. What’s your take on him?”

chris wallace: “I think he’s fine. I don’t get what all the hype’s about. I just wouldn’t tune him in. They’ve spent millions of dollars promoting him. I think he’s a serious guy. I think he’s an attractive guy. He’s just not somebody I have any desire to watch.”

playboy: “What about online? I suspect you’re not a fan of Arianna Huffington.”

chris wallace: “I don’t like her on TV because I have trouble understanding her. I think she’d have more credibility if she didn’t have such a thick accent. She’s been in this country for how many decades? It’s like Henry Kissinger. Lose the accent already! The Huffington Post, I read it. Sometimes I’m curious to see what it has to say. It has a fellow who does a live blog of all the Sunday talk shows. I routinely look at that. Given its political bent, it roughs me up, but I find it entertaining.”


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