election discrepancy

interesting little bit out of taipei today.

it seems that voters don’t communicate much with each other in taiwan. lurking behind this reticence is the ‘white terror’ period which lasted from 1949 until 1987. during this time public discussion of the 228 incident (essentially a boston massacre moment for taiwanese people) was effectively prohibited along with any other assembly or speech rights that we take for granted in modern times.

as taiwan leaves 2011 behind and prepares for the january 2012 election, here is where it stands.

who will you vote for in the 2012 election?
ma ying jeou or tsai ing wen?

tsai ing wen, the progressive candidate from the opposition dpp party wins by about 2 percentage points.

who do you think will win the election?
ma ying jeou or tsai ing wen?

ma pastes tsai with a haymaker and walks into his second term without a roadblock.
except the only place he wins is in the field of public perception, not in the reality based environment.

nice way to stay on top.


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