captain obvious

the real estate hard-sell.

the commuter’s mind ought to be prone to subliminal suggestion,
just like someone watching mythbusters or married with children.

but it gets a bit magritte.
this is not a pipe.

the trap enclosed in the pipe piece is that the words tell you one thing,
but the image tells you another.

in the case of the real estate sign,
a similar problem emerges.
if you lived where the sign is located,
then you could put the sign literally anywhere.
there is no place where you would not be able to be at home.
a conundrum.
a black hole if you will.
simultaneously matter and anti-matter.
all with a simple slogan,
and the picture of satisfaction.


One thought on “captain obvious

  1. armchair

    It looks like the grinning fool who is already home has either dropped to his knees or he is living in a house where all of the doorknobs are chest high.

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