“He is getting more cube-like in this drawing,”

I was cruising around the web today wondering how derivative my next post would be.  I found this article, which made me feel very good about being derivative.  The article talks about a Picasso exhibit on display in New York City.  The author discusses how much Picasso imitated and copied.  As a student Picasso painted, “Study of a Torso” (1895).  The following passage is about the painting.

“The subject was a plaster cast of a Greek sculpture; in the 19th century, imitating earlier artists was central to studio practice in art school. For this drawing, the copy is layered, for the plaster cast itself is a copy of the original. The drawing, then, is an imitation of an imitation. I wondered how to categorize the postcard of this drawing, which was on sale in the bookstore.”

The article served as a helpful reminder that not every word or thought has to be original, especially in the blogosphere.


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