When Semiotics Was Fab

At the back of the New York Times Book Review a couple of weeks ago, I found a good piece reminiscing on the golden age of Semiotics. The article is actually light-hearted and funny, which may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Semiotics. At one time, this was the realm of the ‘serious’ intellectuals. I never ran in these circles, but I sure remember people uttering Foucault as if it were a sign of deep intellectual capacities. Anyway, I always wondered what Derrida and big “T” Theory were about and this link is an easy way to absorb some of that 80’s intellectual fever.



2 thoughts on “When Semiotics Was Fab

  1. i do like the fact that he ended with the word pre- and even gave it a dash. talk about airline pilots making pitchers of beer disappear. talk about a million-dollar victoria’s secret diamond bra. talk about 1237 words that endearingly pussyfoot like feathers following a spearhead and one last word that redeems my membership.

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