paul waldman


waldman takes a wingnut back to school…

…if you think that the way to resolve policy differences or personal arguments with the government is not just by trying to get different people elected or waging a campaign to change the laws or filing suits in court, but through the use of violence against the government, you have announced that you have no commitment to democracy…

elon musk

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“By definition we must move to renewable energy, how can one argue against that? To argue for it is to say we will eventually run out of energy and die, or civilization will collapse, so obviously we must find ways to produce energy in a renewable manner, the question is just how hard we should try, what pace should we go at. And i think logically we should go as fast as we can, because since we know we have to get there eventually, it is better to get to a renewable future, a sustainable future sooner rather than later, get there before we do the environmental damage, not after…”